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About Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

I won't bore you with facts and stats. If you want those, Wikipedia's Vancouver Island entry is a great place to start.

I WILL share some artists' ways of feeling and expressing and understanding this complex place.

It's a stunning world of trees. Emily Carr's paintings attest to that.

Charlotte Gill's book Eating Dirt evokes the experience of working as a tree-planter, particularly on Vancouver Island, in vivid visceral detail.

The Gulf Islands surround this bigger island, and they each have their own unique cultural flavours and styles. Most famously, Saltspring Island and it's artisan market. Also, the failed Finnish utopia of Sointula on Malcolm Island.

The Tall Tree Music Festival in Port Renfrew. To be honest though, it's unfair to suggest just one festival. There are so many, year round.

You can test your endurance on the West Coast Trail. Or surfing and storm watching in Tofino. For the super rugged, kitesurfing at Nitinat Lake.

I could go on and on, but I won't. Explore, discover, find the gems on your own.

About the Cowichan Valley and Duncan

Situated between Victoria and Nanaimo in the lower half of Vancouver Island, Duncan is in a gorgeous gem of a Valley where, within a 60 minute bike ride you can access forests, oceans, lakes, rivers, villages, coffeeshops, organic farms, wineries and the biggest farmer's market in BC, which is a simple 5 minute walk from our house/residency.

The best way to explore is by being here. Come stay with us, get creative, inspired and discover for yourself.

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